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AB Screen Recorder

AB Screen Recorder is an app for recording your mobile screen. This application helps you to record your phone calls. The app has the ability to record your phone calls and it generates the video session tutorial and a magic button for pause and resumes the recording. In this, you can use your finger to trim or draw to define specific things in your video. Dive to know the features and also use same featured Icecream Screen Recorder app :

AB Screen Recorder

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Features: AB Screen Recorder

Record Audio: Record your audio for make tutorial or video and for making amazing dubbed video use the Best Dubmash video sharing app.

Magic Button: The magic button is used for a resume, pause and stop the video.

Trimmer/ Cutter: Trim and cut is an important thing in the video using that you can edit your video according to your requirement.

Draw: Using this features you can draw with your finger in your video for highlight important things.

Camera View: Use camera view to transcend the quality of your video or tutorial session. There is some customizable option in camera which is below:

Facing: In this use front and back camera.

Size: In this, you can adjust the size of camera view.

Show Touches: Highlight screen area during recording.

Multiple video sizes: it comes with a number of video size to suit your needs.

Power Off: switch the screen off during the recording to stop it.

Shake: shake the device to stop recording.

Time Limit: you can set time for stop recording.

Recording duration:  use this setting to track length of the video.

Screen Shot: launch screenshot capture app directly from this application.

Installation steps for AB Screen Recorder

AB Screen recorder is an amazing app for recording your call. So for installing this kind of application in your device follow the below steps:

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Search “AB Screen Recorder” in Play Store.

There are so many options regarding recording app so select AB Screen Recorder.

Now select on Install button to start your installation process.

The installation process takes few minutes so wait.

After installation complete app icon is on your mobile screen so tap on that and start using the application.


The AB Screen Recorder is an amazing application in recording app categories. It provides good features to the user for recording calls and for specifying important information in the video. We hope it will prove very workable for a user with respect to their android devices. So don’t wait to install the app and take advantage of the application.

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