Africa Top10 News

1The DRC has a New President

Felix Tshisekedi has vowed to be the president “of all Congolese” after the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) electoral commission declared him the winner of the country’s long-delayed elections. The result was rejected by rival Martin Fayulu, who was backed by opposition heavyweights and had led in polling prior to the December 30 vote.

SOURCES: Al Jazeera, BBC

2Growth of Satellite Towns Gives Young Professionals an Opportunity to Own an Affordable Home

The development of satellite towns has been unstoppable due to the rise in demand to settle close to urban areas by investors who would rather commute to their places of work from their own homes than rent in the CBDs for a long time. Nairobi, for example, is the 97th most expensive home-rental city in the world after renowned destinations like Bangkok and Cairo according to Bloomberg World Airbnb cost Index.


3Here’s why Sudan’s President won’t Quit

Day after day Sudanese are taking to the streets to protest against the rule of Omar al-Bashir. University lecturer and author Willow Berridge points out that Al-Bashir’s regime has learnt from the mistakes of its predecessors who were overthrown during similar revolts. It has created a much stronger National Intelligence Security Services (NISS) as well as a host of other parallel security organizations and armed militias that it uses to police Khartoum instead of the regular army. Bashir has strong international allies who view him as a source of stability and intelligence in a troubled region. The president also has the backing – both political and financial – of key Arab allies.

SOURCES: CNN , Quartz Africa

4This Simple Approach Could Curb Nigeria’s Cattle Wars

Attacks on cattle herders by farmers and vice versa may seem trifling alongside the problems of poverty, terrorism, corruption and climate change facing Africa. But a recent escalation in this centuries-old deadly conflict is causing massive social upheaval across West Africa. Defusing tension has always required that herders and farmers build relationships, but the mistrust that the constant attacks have engendered in the past few years has made this extremely difficult. Despite various technological advances, the main approach for those trying to stop the killing is rather less complex: talking.

SOURCES: The Guardian

5Tackling the Growing Trend of Drug in Zimbabwe

A group of concerned Zimbabweans, including the clergy, civil society and organisations, have started an anti-alcohol and drug campaign that targets communities in which unemployed young people resort to drinking and using narcotics to alleviate the stress of not having work. Those involved in the campaign say the solution lies largely with improving the country’s moribund economy.


6A Test for South Africa’s Ruling Party

For South Africans, the public inquiry into the “state capture” of former President Jacob Zuma’s government has been both eye-opening and cathartic. A former mining minister told the inquiry recently that the Guptas were “a python wrapped around” Zuma as the ex-president “auctioned off executive authority.”


7Technology Evangelist from Kenya Changes the Way we Sign

A 25-year-old Kenyan innovator has earned global recognition with his invention of a smart hand gloves which are capable of converting sign language movements into audio speech. Roy Allela says the need to communicate with his 6-year-old niece, who was born deaf, inspired him to build the technology.

SOURCES: Nairobi News

8Understanding Nigeria’s New Minimum Wage

President Muhammadu Buhari said that the salaries of workers earning above the new minimum wage will be renegotiated. He said it was important to properly prepare the minds of those involved so that they will not be taken unawares when the time comes.

SOURCES: Vanguard

9Reflections on Gabon’s Coup Attempt

An opinion piece by Assoc. Prof, Lt Col (ret) Martin R. Rupiya PhD from the Institute for African Renaissance Studies says “successive coup attempts have failed because Gabon has remained a quasi-state with little or no domestic control”

SOURCES: Mail & Guardian Africa

10Bringing African Comics to the Mainstream

Fed up of non-Africans telling African stories, three friends from Nigeria and Uganda have decided to create their own anthology. Showcasing artists and writers from across Africa, the three explain why it’s so important for Africans to share their own stories with the rest of the world.


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