Deer euthanized in Hamilton after getting tangled in soccer net

A wildlife rescue organization is warning about the dangers of leaving soccer nets up in parks after a deer had to be euthanized when it became tangled in Hamilton.

Chantal Theijn of Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge says she and her partner were called by Hamilton Animal Services on Sunday morning after a buck was found with its antlers wrapped up in soccer net at Sanctuary Park.

She says she tried to sedate the deer, but his adrenalin was so high it didn’t work — something she says is common in stressed deer.

Theijn says the officers tried to distract the deer while she snuck up behind and tried to pull off the netting, but it broke free and ended up a short time later rolling down a ravine and falling in a stream.

Theijn says the deer had to be euthanized because it was showing clear signs of capture myopathy — a lethal condition in deer caused by high stress.


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