High-profile Hells Angel wedding takes place in downtown Montreal

High-profile members of Quebec organized crime dressed to the nines to attend the wedding of a Hells Angel’s member and the daughter of a drug trafficker in downtown Montreal.

According to Le Journal de Montreal, Martin Robert and Annie Arbic tied the knot at the swanky downtown Le Windsor hotel. Among the nearly 300 guests were people linked to the Mafia and the Rizzuto clan.

Camera flashes lit up when Robert, who has been on Quebec’s most wanted list, arrived with his bride in a vintage Cadillac to the venue. Surrounded by media, the couple rushed up the stairs.


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Various police forces weren’t far away, taking pictures and keeping a close eye on the who’s-who of the province’s underworld.

Both Arbic and Robert are convicted criminals, having served time in prison.

Arbic was in jail for crimes related to Project Cleopatra, a police operation looking into the export of Quebec-grown marijuana into the United States. Arbic’s mother, Sharon Simons, also known as “the Queen of Kanesatake,” was dubbed the leader of the network.

In 2009, Arbic was denied parole in part for her relationship with Robert.

In 2010, Robert was arrested under charges of murder and drug trafficking in Cancun, Mexico, where he was living under a false identity.


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