Opinion | ‘I’m Republican. I Never Thought I’d Fight for Medicaid.’

By Ricky Clay, Robin Jordan and Carrie McBane

Video by Kendall Ciesemier

Millions of Americans fall into the Medicaid gap, earning too much to qualify for Medicaid yet too little to afford private insurance or receive subsidies under the Affordable Care Act. Across the country, 4.5 million would stand to benefit from Medicaid expansion. In North Carolina, the Democratic governor is championing Medicaid expansion for 500,000 people, while Republicans in the State Legislature are blocking the measure. In this video Op-Ed, those affected argue that Medicaid expansion is necessary. If the Legislature continues to block health care access, Republicans risk votes in 2020.

Carrie McBane and Ricky Clay are not eligible for Medicaid. Robin Jordan’s daughter was ineligible for Medicaid and died after not receiving the care she needed.

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