Download iTube apk for android and iOS

iTube is an Android application to download music in MP3 format from YouTube video as a cache file. In iTube app, you search for your favorite YouTube video or for any song. This app contains all your favorite artist song for free and can enjoy it without Ad breaks. Let’s create the playlist with our favorite Youtube video by downloading music in MP3 format. The playlist you want to store can be saved in a separate tab where you can add or remove entries easily as per your wish.

A feature of an iTube app:

  • Music cloud has almost all the music you want, where you can enjoy unlimited free music. Also try screen recording app.
  • It is one of the best beautiful music apps where you can stream songs online or listen to your own collection.
  • Connect with Radio & Tune into thousands of online radio station.
  • Create your playlist and create your new radio station from all your new artist songs.
  • Open an account to keep your playlist on your device.
  • Its smooth streaming will keep your storage space clear and massive amount of music is always available.
  • Music Cloud will continue to play music when minimized, it will keep working and it will continue its playing in the background.

How to download iTube for Android device?

  • Open a Google PlayStore on your devices and then in the search box you can search for an fildo apk.
  • After opening the app tap on an INSTALL button to download the app.
  • After that, by clicking on ACCEPT button you can give the permission to the app for further downloading process.
  • Once the downloaded started it will be completed in few minute and notification will appear in the notification bar.
  • After completion of download two options will appear UNINSTALL and OPEN.
  • Click on an OPEN button to open the app and you can start using the app easily by following few on – screen instruction.


iTube is an Android one of the best app where you can save YouTube video file in MP3 format as cache files. You can also search for your favorite artist song, and download the song by just one click on download button, it will complete in a few minute. You can also create your playlist

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