Awkward Rory Stewart thank-you video parodies tie stunt in BBC debate – ‘So energised!’

Rory Stewart was announced as the latest to get knocked out of the Tory leadership race Wednesday night following a third round of MP votes. Mr Stewart began his thank-you video walking int the middle of an empty road while he took off his tie. Viewers were quick to see the link between his stunt from the previous night where he took of his tie during a heated leadership debate with his candidate rivals.

He said: “Thank you all very much indeed.

“It has been an incredible campaign and I’m really grateful you came with me.

“6 o’clock tomorrow evening we are going to be back in the same venue, on the Southbank centre, by the Spiegeltent.

“Please come and join me, I’d love to say thank you and keep the conversation going.

“I have been so buoyed up and energised, I’m not disappointed by this result.

“That is because I think we are uncovering something extraordinary in this country and in British politics, and Rory walks on.”

Moments after learning he was eliminated from the race Mr Stewart also took to Twitter to address his supporters.

He said: “I am so moved and inspired by the support I have received over the last few weeks.

“It has given me a new faith in politics, a new belief in our country.

“I didn’t get enough MPs to believe today, but they will, I remain deeply committed to you and to this country.”

The third round of Tory leadership votes saw Boris Johnson remain the leader with 143 votes, as Jeremy Hunt maintained his second place position at 54 votes with Michael Gove close on his heels at 51.

Sajid Javid came in fourth with 38 votes forcing Rory Stewart out of the contest at 27 votes, a fall from Mr Stewart’s previous night success of 37.

MPs are set to begin the fourth round of votes Thursday morning at 10am and the subsequent results will be announced at 1pm.

This vote will see Tory leadership race cut down to just 3 before the two finalists are announced later the same day after another vote from MPs.

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