Severe storms threaten Europe

The Netherlands and Germany have reported widespread damage from winds and some tornadoes.

    Spring across Europe can come with a mixed bag of weather and this week has certainly proven it.

    Temperatures started climbing for much of the continent early this week, reaching into the high 20s degrees Celsius for many. Couple that with abundant moisture being pulled in from the Mediterranean and you have all the ingredients for a very unstable atmosphere.

    As a cold front came out of the Atlantic and across northwestern Europe on Tuesday severe storms quickly formed across Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

    Three tornadoes were reported with the storms, and along with the strong winds there were also reports of widespread downed trees and power lines, as well as structural damage to many buildings in the region on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning.

    Rain and thunderstorms also meant delays at the French Open on Tuesday, but on Wednesday the weather led to complete cancellations.

    For the rest of the tennis matches, it looks as though Thursday will be a much better day before another storm system moves through on Friday.

    For Eastern Europe, high temperatures continue for many today, expecting to reach into the low 30s degrees Celsius. That heat will help fire up more severe storms. Serbia and Hungary, in particular, will be at risk for possible tornadoes.

    The rest of the region will likely see spots of heavy rain, large hail and strong damaging winds into early Friday morning, but the severe threat should ease into the weekend.

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