12 Real-Life Locations You Can Visit From Your Favorite Romantic Movies

New York, NY — You’ve Got Mail

Is there anything better than cuddling up to watch a good romantic movie, either with your partner or by yourself (you’re free to cry without judgement)? The stories are everything from relatable to heartbreaking to beautiful, and you usually fall in love with at least one of the main characters. But in addition to the cute love stories, the backdrops in most romantic movies become characters all their own, adding just as much importance to the plot as those meet-cutes or epic makeout sessions. Landscapes are featured, apartments and houses are envied, and if anyone lives in Europe, well, sign us up. From You’ve Got Mail‘s charming New York City to The Holiday‘s quaint English countryside to 50 First Dates‘ tropical Hawaii, keep reading for see 11 spots from some of our favorite iconic romantic movies that you can visit in real life. Pack your bags (and your tissues!).

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