Beam of light appears to travel down escalator steps like ‘slinky’ toy

Trick of the light! Beam appears to travel down the steps of an escalator like a ‘slinky’ toy in spooky illusion

  • Beam of light is seen falling perfectly onto set of escalator steps 
  • As the steps moved up the light would jump down in a ‘slinky’ motion
  • Phenomenon spotted in an office building in Toronto, Canada on Wednesday 
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For many, the journey to work can be a pretty dark and dingy start to the day.

But one commuter has certainly seen the light, albeit working in mysterious ways after they saw a weird light illusion on a building escalator.

The fascinating video from an office in Toronto, Canada show the sun’s beam moving from step to step like a ‘slinky’ toy.

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Escalator to heaven? Weird light illusion covers the top of an escalator inside an office building

The intriguing sight was recorded on a sunny Wednesday morning this week.

A worker in the office block saw the shifting light on their short journey up an escalator to the ground floor.

As they get closer, the beam of light form above appears to jump down the steps, as if it is actually moving. 

The shape becomes transfixing because of the way it moves in uniform motion across five metal steps.

As the person filming moves closer, the illusion continues to holds it peculiar shifting effect.

The person spots the strangely uniform shape of light moving towards them a records it

The light continues to move like a slinky down the steps of the escalator one step at a time

The peculiar effect was spotted in an office in Toronto, Canada on a sunny morning earlier this week

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