Delivery driver scolded for ‘urinating on a hedge’

Delivery driver appears to URINATE into a hedge as homeowner filming the brazen act brands it ‘disgusting’

  • An van driver was filmed seemingly urinating into a hedge in Leeds 
  • The person filming the footage is heard scolding the driver for his actions
  • The Leeds homeowner brands the delivery driver’s actions ‘f***ing disgusting’ 

This is the moment a delivery driver is scolded as ‘disgusting’ for seemingly urinating into a hedge.  

The footage, taken in Leeds on June 25, shows the van driver turning right at a T-junction before coming to a stop on the side of the road. 

The driver then exits the vehicle, which bears the logo of appliance and electricals retailer, from the right-hand side and approaches a lamppost where he appears to begin urinating into a hedge.  

As he does, the person behind the camera can be heard saying ‘that’s disgusting,’ telling the driver to ‘pull into a garage, don’t p**s there!’

The driver faces towards the person filming and shrugs, as camerawoman repeats: ‘Well go into a garage, don’t p**s there where there’s kids walking past – that’s disgusting!’

The footage does not show any children walking past, and the road appears to be empty apart from the delivery driver, his van and a car parked outside the house. 

The woman filming the incident brands the act ‘disgusting’, telling the driver to ‘pull into a garage’

Seemingly taking the woman’s advice, the driver returns to his vehicle and moves on, as the voice can be heard saying ‘absolutely f***ing disgusting’.  

The homeowner who captured the footage later said: ‘I’m disgusted. This man is delivering to houses and shaking hands. 

‘He never washed his hands, it’s disgusting. It wasn’t exactly a secluded area, either.’ 

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