Domestic cat chases bear up a tree in Colorado

That’s a WILD cat! Fierce feline flies at a black bear and chases it up a tree when it gets too close

  • Young bear ambled along in Woodland Park, Colorado while ginger cat watched
  • After a tense stand-off, the bear darted about 20ft up a tree within seconds 
  • Black bears are generally timid, and this one reacted with a flight response 

A black bear got the fright of its life and shot up a tree when it encountered something it found truly terrifying – a domestic cat. 

Footage taken in Woodland Park, Colorado, shows the young bear lolloping along as it appears to be scavenging for food.

Meanwhile, a curious – and fearless – ginger cat is watching as the considerably larger animal explores the forest floor.

Finally, the bear slowly makes its way towards the feline before stopping in a tense face-off. 

The black bear moseys through Woodland Park, in Colorado, and seems to be scavenging for food – while a domestic cat watches

The animals face each other in a tense stand-off before the fearless feline suddenly charges towards the much larger beast

The spooked bear instantly scrambles up the nearest tree rather than confront the vicious cat

Suddenly, the cat charges straight at the surprised bear, which climbs about 20ft up a tree within seconds.

The cat remains briefly near the base of the trunk, before darting away while a woman’s voice can be heard saying, ‘Lil’ biddy cat chased you up the tree. But he’s not a little cat, is he? He’s a big cat…’ 

Black bears are not generally confrontational and the one seen here, which was clearly surprised, reacted with an instinctive flight response. 

It is likely it reasoned that the presence of a domestic cat meant humans were also nearby, which could present a very real, hunter threat to the animal. 

Cats are also small and agile, making them hard for a bear to hit – and a bite or scratch from the feline could have led to an infected wound. 

The cat briefly waits near the base of the trunk, its claws gripping the bark in a show of defiance

The black bear – clearly not wishing to engage with the aggressive animal – clings to the tree out of harm’s way

Commenters on social media were impressed with the cat.

One wrote on YouTube: ‘Dominance is established. My work is done today. Now I’m going for a nap’.

Another posted: ‘Cat, or very small puma?’

Meanwhile, a Reddit user said: ‘The bear is reacting to a crazy, fat and aggressive cat AND a dumb-a*s human lumbering behind. A wise bear climbs the tree rather than dealing with insanity.’      

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