Africa Top10 Business News

1The Biggest Single Deal of the Day at the Africa Investment Forum

South Africa and Ghana signed a $2.6-billion deal that is expected to improve Accra’s public transport system through an elevated light railway system which would provide low cost transport to it citizens. The Ai Skytrain is an elevated light rail, public mass transit system that uses air propulsion technology to drive lightweight, high passenger volume vehicles. The investment forum is the first of its kind in Africa and is taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre this week.

SOURCES: Mail & Guardian

2Linking up Central and West Africa with Fibre Optic

Liquid Telecom was founded 14 years ago by Zimbabwean entrepreneur and businessman Strive Masiyiwa. Last July the company connected Cape to Cairo with fibre optic cable. When it comes to their next target on the map, West Africa from Cameroon to Nigeria and Mali to Senegal, Mokhles says the firm will explore all options including co-builds, which will also mean partnering with local players in the market.

SOURCES: African Business Magazine

310 Reasons to Invest in South Africa

The investment potential lies in its diversity of sectors and industries. South Africa is also a major trading nation, exporting and importing billions worth of goods every year. It is a gateway into African markets.


4Mozambique was One of the World’s Ten Fastest-growing Economies

A few years ago Mozambique was perky. With 30m people and a coastline longer than that of the western United States, the country was feted by aid agencies and plucky investors. A peace deal signed in 1992, at the end of a 15-year civil war, had more or less held. From 1995 to 2015 gdp had grown on average by more than 8% a year.

SOURCES: The Economist

5South Africa’s Biggest Tea Garden gets New Lease of Life

The Magwa farm stretches over 1,800 hectares, and is said to be the largest operating tea farm in the southern hemisphere, was closed for years. But thanks to a government bailout, it’s now back in business, providing much-needed work in an area of high unemployment.

SOURCES: Al Jazeera

6Where are the Highest Paying Jobs in Africa?

Thanks to growing economies and the improving political situation in many African countries, Africa now has plenty of job opportunities to explore. Different countries have their own main economic activities, which largely determine what kinds of job opportunities are available locally. The entry of large multinational companies into Africa has further opened up a competitive job market that is constantly in search of top talent from across the continent, as well as across the globe.


7Angola Invests in Different Income Streams

Angola’s Minister of Fisheries and the Sea, says government is committed to giving greater quality of life to Angolan communities dependent on fishing by investing in infrastructure and training to support the sector on good practices and sanitary conditions for the handling of fish. Officials note that the artisanal fishing subsector continues to be the driving force behind the economic and social progress of communities in Angola.

SOURCES: Ventures Africa

8DRC Children Suffer for the World’s Green Ambitions

Human rights groups say demand for electric vehicles is fueling a rise in child labour in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, urging companies to take action as the industry expands. Cobalt is a key component in batteries for electric cars, phones and laptops, and the DRC provides more than half of global supply. Tens of thousands of children as young as six dig for the toxic substance in artisanal mines in the country’s south-east, without protective clothing.

SOURCES: Business Day Live

9Key Areas for US FDI in Africa

According to Ernst & Young’s Global’s 2018 Africa Attractiveness report, United States businesses and investors made more foreign direct investments (FDI) in Africa than counterparts from any other country last year. These US entities increased the number of American FDI projects in Africa by 43% to 130 in 2017 nearly twice the next country.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

10Women who make Running a Fashion Magazine in Nigeria Look Easy

The New York Times, profiles four entrepreneurial women, ranging in age from 28 to 61, who are leading publications both new and old to capture this cultural milieu. In doing so, they are serving a wide audience throughout the African continent and within diasporic enclaves in the United States and Britain and telling the story of Nigeria to the world.

SOURCES: New York Times

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