Africa Top10 News

1The 2018 Africa Report on Child Wellbeing

The Chair of the international board of trustees of the African Child Policy Forum (ACPF), which will publish the 2018 Africa Report on Child Wellbeing, Graça Machel has expressed concern that a “toxic combination” of undernutrition, poor education and the world’s fastest-growing youth populations pose a threat to the continent’s future. The report, which ranks 52 nations on how they are meeting child rights under international conventions, warns that massive investment is needed to prevent a billion children and young people from becoming undernourished, semi-illiterate or illiterate, and jobless or underemployed by 2050.

SOURCES: The Guardian

2One of the Most Prominent Dissidents of President John Magufuli’s Regime

Joseph Mbilinyi — aka Sugu (stubborn), II Proud or simply Mr. II — is a legendary Tanzanian musician and businessman. A pioneer of “Bongo Flava,” a music genre heavily influenced by U.S. hip-hop, he has released more than 20 albums and clinched numerous awards. His songs not only get the crowd moving, but they provoke political discussion on human-rights issues and social justice.


3How to have Better Roads in African Countries

New roads in Ethiopia and across sub-Saharan Africa often change the landscape, bringing dust, flooding and erosion. The impact is felt most by rural communities. Under a project rolled out in Ethiopia as well as nine other countries including Bangladesh, roads are being built using innovative designs and drainage structures to collect water caused by flooding. This has solved an infrastructural issue while conserving water that can be used for crops and to feed livestock.

SOURCES: Quartz Africa

4The Life of a Typical African Investigative Journalist

In recent years, intrepid African reporters have played a key role in uncovering corruption, human rights abuses, gang violence, drug and wildlife crimes, and other unsavory dealings, sometimes paying with their lives. Reporters without Borders, says Somalia is the deadliest country for reporters in sub-Saharan Africa. In Tanzania, the Committee to Protect Journalists says the government has in the last three years implemented harsh legislation and harassed journalists and bloggers.


5Sierra Leone’s Navy Battles a Multimillion-dollar Problem

The sea off the coast of West Africa is rich in marine life. But illegal fishing has been threatening stocks and is costing Sierra Leone about $200m a year. Local fishermen say their nets are being destroyed and their catch is dwindling every day.

SOURCES: Al Jazeera

6Electricity Boost for Mali as New Power Station Opens

The plant is expected to increase Mali’s effective base load electricity capacity by 25%, providing up to 4.5 million people with improved access to power and paving the way for new renewable energy facilities.


7#Totashutdown Movement Addresses South Africa’s Patriarchal System

Government, civil society and activists gathered for the Gender-Based Violence and Femicide Summit. South Africa has been rocked by sexual attacks and the deaths of women and children in recent months. Since the National Prosecuting Authority decided to record the stats of femicide last year in the 2017/18 financial year, a total of 79 femicide convictions were made, representing a conviction rate of 98.8%, with only one acquittal.

SOURCES: Daily Maverick

8Ethiopia’s Lady Justice

Prominent Ethiopian human rights lawyer Meaza Ashenafi has been elected as the first woman to head the country’s federal Supreme Court. Her name was put forward by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and MPs unanimously approved the appointment. Ms Meaza founded the Ethiopian Women’s Lawyers Association in 1995. Before that she was a judge at the high court and helped advise the team drawing up the new constitution in the early 1990s.

SOURCES: Washington Post

9Zambia’s Prized Gem

The world’s largest producer of green stones has unearthed a 5,655-carat emerald crystal at its mines in Zambia. The stone, which weighs more than 1.1 kg, was found at the Gemfield mines in Kagem. The emerald is being called “Inkalamu,” which means “lion” in the local Zambia Bemba language.


10An Overland Tour from Cairo to Cape Town

The adventure of a lifetime, there are now plenty of overland outfitters to choose from ranging from small outfits that will take you and a few friends or enormous trucks that can carry groups of two dozen or more.


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