Big Ben's New Album Titled: '102'

Big Ben’s new album ‘102’ will be released on Friday, 23 November 2018. ‘102’ is a collection of songs that shows the kind of conflict that Big Ben is going through as he tries to redefine a sound for himself. He is negotiating with himself between his spirituality, old, new and electronic sound.

Big Ben dares to cross between a very youthful and mature sound. The albums lets you travel via a soundscape from southern, east, west and central Africa as it borrows from various distinct genres and styles from the continent.

Award nominated hit singles that kept the musician a contender for the last two years ‘Numba Numba’ and ‘Efudula’ are on the album and if their success on radio and music awards are anything to go by, the album will be a must have. The name 102 (One Oh Two) is, according to Big Ben, a continuation from his award winning album ‘Back to the Basics’ which was, in his own words “An introduction to The Basics 101” followed by “The Basics 102”.

The rarest occurrence on the album is the collaboration with two distinct musicians on two different songs. Etjo Kangumine from the Ethnix fame appears on a song called ‘Mbaurua’ about a person stuck between doing the right thing and fighting for own interests. Big Ben also invited Namibia rapper Skrypt, on a song called ‘Kan Nie Dood’, which means the ‘immortal’ in Afrikaans.

The album will be launch will be a part of Big Ben’s usual year opening concert on 2 February 2019, Zoo Park, Windhoek.

At first the album will be exclusively available online at Big Ben’s website online store at to promote his newly launched online music store and on about 24 major online music stores worldwide. The CD’s will be in-store on traditional outlets end of November.

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