Confederation Of African Football: "No Decision On 2021 Nations Cup Hosts"

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) has confirmed that no decision has been taken to force Ivory Coast to host the 2023 Nations Cup rather than 2021.

Caf president Ahmad said on television recently that Cameroon has been offered the 2021 finals instead of Ivory Coast.

Cameroon were stripped of the 2019 finals due to poor preparation and security.

“We confirm no decision was taken by the executive committee,” Caf wrote.

“We are waiting first for the host for 2019 and then we will see.”

On Saturday Caf confirmed that Egypt and South Africa have both made bids to host the 2019 tournament, with a decision set to be made on 9 January.

Meanwhile the Court of Arbitration for Sport confirmed it has received an appeal from the Ivory Coast Football Federation (FIF) against the “decision” to remove the 2021 hosting rights.

“The FIF was surprised to learn that the president of Caf decided on his own authority, without any prior consultation … to reassign the 2021 edition, which was entrusted until then to Ivory Coast, to Cameroon,” an FIF statement said last week.

“The preparation and work required to organise this great competition, which is particularly important for all Ivorian football and the Ivory Coast, constitutes important economic, financial and human investment.

“In view of all that has happened, the FIF has gone to Cas to appeal against the decision of Caf.”

Caf president Ahmad had also indicated that Ivory Coast has now been offered the hosting rights for 2023.

Guinea, awarded hosting rights for 2023, would be affected by this shift.

Source – BBC Sport

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