dcc Africa Ltd Announces Initial Investment Of Us$100m In Tanzania’s Banking And Finance Sector

dcc Africa Ltd (“dcc”) are pleased to announce an initial investment of US$100m in the Tanzanian banking and financial services sector. dcc fully supports The Bank of Tanzania’s’ declared aim of consolidation in the banking and finance sector. dcc will bring high levels of management and liquidity with its investments along with digital real time banking for all its customers both personal and commercial.

To that end, we are delighted to announce that agreement has been reached with Archco Ltd the long-established stockbroker in Dar es Salaam, whereby from 1st January 2021 dcc will become a major shareholder.

Archco will be provided with additional cash resources enabling it to provide digital real time share trading facilities for all and underwrite the listing of companies throughout Africa via the Dar es Salaam exchange.

dcc are in advanced negotiations with a number of other financial services companies and expects to announce further investments in due course. 

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