Listen To Mungai's Wildart's New Single: Tuungane

Born and raised in Nanyuki, Kenya, Reggae artist Mungai stems from a musical family, growing up in the ghettos of the city of Champions (Eldoret, Kenya). Having parents that both enjoyed music and singing, sparked his creativity enough to inspire him to make his own music.

Mungai’s love and draw for music started at the age of 5 when his father was trying to create an amplifier from scratch, he stated “I was interested in the project because I wanted to see how loud something like that could sound”. It was the amplified sounds of the bass in the music that ultimately led Mungai to an affinity for Reggae Music. He listened to and learned a lot from underground Reggae music by listening to artists and DJs to eventually learn the intricacies of African sound.

Mungai has been playing live music for basically his whole life and is amazing at getting people to resonate with his music and his mission.  After he escaped a violent war in his hometown due to the 2007 Post-Election violence, he used his passion to write music that would unite the tribes and communities within his county in Kenya. He wrote and performed for many NGO events, International Conferences, and campaigns throughout Africa, Europe and America. Youth Hub, Forgotten Minority, and WildArt Band were just a few of the many projects in Kenya he was involved with or created to spread music, love and unity among his people.

Over the years, he has been a part of many projects for other artists’ and has been a ghostwriter for many successful artists for years. His first official project, Mungai’s WildArt, is where he mentions finally having the freedom to allow the creative flow of the music – the sounds he has always wanted to come to life. “The project is dedicated to creating a learning space and educational material for artists in Nanyuki, since that is what we constantly lack to be able to create music(Mungai). With the help of his loving wife, the pair has been investing in their own equipment and teaching themselves to make music and market their brand every minute they can. They are now working on creating the right team to get Mungai’s WildArt out to the world.

In 2017, Mungai and the WildArt Band traveled around Africa and Europe, playing music and collecting proceeds that went on to be used for creating fun events for local orphanages in Kenya. Now residing in California, Mungai hopes to release a Reggae mixtape, following his WildArt project, with music that will ignite love and unity. Mungai goes on to say “I want to give the mixtape out for free on YouTube but also have a GoFundMe and donation options so I can keep producing music at a higher quality as well as build a community studio where I can provide work for Kenyan musicians and youths”

After interacting with his music, Mungai hopes his listeners will experience a sense of peace and learn how to love and unite with one another. He says “I know we can all hate each other and at times give up on each other quickly. But at the end of the day we share this world, so that’s what we need to do. Move forward, together – Tuungane Pamoja”. 

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