New Collective Of Thought Leaders Exposes African Opportunities

“Bound Together, Not By Bricks And Mortar”

  • Collective of professionals create Pan-African agency to enhance continent’s reputation and shine a spotlight on African excellence globally.
  • African Brand Architects was born to empower businesses within Africa and for Africa through innovative marketing and business development solutions.

A collective of divergent thought leaders in the marketing and communications sector on the African continent have joined forces to support organisations who want to support organisations who want to reach a pan-African audience as well as those organisations promoting African innovation and excellence to the world. 

The product of lockdown, African Brand Architects brought together competitor agencies and professionals who collaborated on a on a pro-bono basis to support the tourism sector at a time when the industry was in dire need of their collective specialist expertise. 

“Bound together, not by bricks and mortar, but an intrinsic need to support, that is the spirit that drives this dynamic collective that has become African Brand Architects,” explains African Brand Architects MD Natalia Rosa. “We are invested in fostering communities that deliver meaningful results – support, change, reconnection and respect across multiple sectors.”

African Brand Architects delights in shining a different lens on Africa by moving perception and by highlighting the continent’s excellence. Populated with the world’s most youthful population and with huge potential for growth, the African continent is an attractive business and investment destination, with a unique way of solving challenges and doing business.

Africa Brand Architect’s mission is to foster an empowered African business community that develops strong, supportive global linkages attracting business interest, growth and investment for job creation, as well as sustainable commerce guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

To achieve this, African Brand Architect’s approach is to design, develop and implement practical Communications, Marketing, Reputation and Business Development strategies with measurable tactics delivering an impact for brands across Africa and beyond. 

“Our team of Africa brand experts are seasoned business owners in their own right who are passionate about the untapped opportunities within Africa,” says Rosa. 

“We combine all the strategic thinking and communications and marketing skills and experience of this passionate collective of Africa-brand specialists to create market linkages that grow businesses, and create jobs and opportunities. We see so much potential in what Africa has to offer the world.”

“Driving the team at African Brand Architects is the desire to see Africa through a different lens and to harness its great potential – a continent that delivers an exciting prospect for brands wanting to reach a dynamic continent, and a dynamic continent that wants to reach the world to showcase its innovative spirit,” concludes Rosa. 

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