Official Release Of Ced Koncept's Single "Zonga"

Artist Ced Koncept announces the release of his new Single on March 08, 2021, which will be available on all digital stores and radio.

Ced Koncept has been working for several months on the realization of this new musical project which will open its year 2021. The single “Zonga” featuring Agresivo was unveiled exclusively on March 08.

“Zonga Zonga”, a gentle Love track

The story is about a man obsessed who loves a woman to the point of being ready to kill himself if she leave. It is a passionate love that Ced Koncept speaks in this afrobeat sound on which you can feel a beautiful Congolese guitar rhythm.

A word for music lovers and the public 

“Zonga Zonga” is a beautiful ballad to absolutely listen to. The sound envelops you in its sweetness and very quickly it reasons in your head. If you like love, sweetness, good Congolese rhythms and of course artist Ced Koncept, you will fall in love with this song.

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