American in London spends hours calling US voters to try and get Trump out

An American woman living in the UK is spending her spare time cold-calling people in the US to encourage them to vote for Joe Biden in the US presidential election. Personal trainer, Mollie Millington, says she is determined to have an influence on how people vote on November 3 despite living 4,000 miles away from her home town state of New York.

Long-time Democrat supporter, Mollie, 41, plans to spent 20 hours between now and the election next month doing her best to make sure the man she branded a ‘liar and cheater’ – Donald Trump – is not re-elected this fall. She is one of around 80 volunteers based in the UK who are pro-Biden and hope to influence the voting intentions of one of America’s key battleground states, Michigan.

Mollie, from London, UK, said: ‘It has been a sad four years under Trump and we’ve had to sit through so many lies. I am removed from it slightly because I live in the UK, but it still makes me feel bad for people who live in America.

‘I felt helpless being over here and not in the US, so I wanted to find a way for me to reach out and influence people beyond my social circle. I want people to recognize that their vote can have a huge impact.

‘We use public records to call people in Michigan to remind them to register to vote and ask them what their plan is. It’s a battleground state so every vote is so important.

‘Part of my job is to endorse the Democrat candidates and encouraging people to vote for Joe Biden. By getting more people to vote I feel like I’m doing as much as I can to achieve an outcome I favor.

‘If Trump does get in again and I had done nothing to stop that from happening I’d feel like I should have tried to do more.’

Mollie carries out the voluntary work on behalf of Rust Belt Rising, an organization dedicated to advancing support for the Democrat party in Midwest America and even foots the £5 a month bill racked up by the calls. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, where Mollie went to university, and Wisconsin are all regarded as key swing states with evenly-split voting intentions that could prove crucial to Trump or Biden winning the contest.

As it stands President Trump trails his main rival Joe Biden in the polls in all but one of the swing states in the midwest region, Iowa, and is also behind in Florida, where he won last time around in 2016.

Mollie, who voted for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton four years ago, said she her inspiration to sign up to the cold-calling campaign stems from her disappointment with how Donald Trump, 74, has carried out his duties as President. She has been making calls once a week since the middle of September and while she admits everyone is entitled to make their own mind up when it comes to who to vote for, Mollie said she is doing her best to help turn Michigan blue.

‘It’s been a crazy few years for Americans with Trump’, said Mollie, who is married to 39-year-old James.

‘He bases decisions on his best interests rather than the good of the people. I believe he used the Black Lives Matter movement as a weapon to divide society.

‘He thrives on division and a lot of the time makes situations a lot worse.

‘I decided that I needed to take action and make people realize how much their vote matters. I tell people what their options are and I explain how close we are to turning Michigan into a blue state.

‘It’s such a key battleground and it could be crucial.’

Mollie added that her duties during her calls to strangers include endorsing Democrat candidates in Michigan as well as ensuring as many people as possible register to vote and intend to do so. She has been living in the UK for 10 years but still feels passionately about US politics that have an impact on her friends and family who still live in America.

Mollie said: ‘If Trump does get in again I will be really sad and I’d expect us to see more hate come from him during his time as President. I believe his views are dangerous on so many levels.

‘The rules on registering to vote are different in every state and it’s so important that people use their right and have a say.

‘It really is an important time in the history of our country.’

For information on how to register to vote in the US election click here.

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