Anti-Trump protester screams 'F**k you facist!' and spits in policeman's face

An anti-Trump supporter was filmed repeatedly screaming ‘Fuck you facist!’ at a police officer before spitting in his face. Devina Singh, 24, was captured screaming at the male police officer, before tilting her head back to project her saliva at him in New York City’s West Village on Wednesday night.

The police officer stood silently while Singh screamed the insults at him, but she was quickly bundled to the ground after spitting on him, and arrested. Singh, from Pennsylvania, faces charges over the incident, and has previous arrests for unlawful assembly and resisting arrest.

She was one of 50 people arrested during anti-Donald Trump clashes on Wednesday, amid growing tension across the US during ongoing election counts. New York has already declared for Trump’s rival Joe Biden. But Pennsylvania, where Singh is from, says it will not announce its winner until Friday.

President Trump is currently in the lead, although large swathes of uncounted absentee ballots in Philadelphia could narrow the race between him and Joe Biden.

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