Bianca Andreescu on being starstruck, her parent’s immigration to Canada and voting for the 1st time

Maria and Nicu Andreescu came to Canada in 1995 with one bag and a frying pan.

Little did the couple know that after leaving Romania, their Canadian daughter Bianca Andreescu would be the biggest sports hero in the country. It happened in less than 25 years.

“I’m sure they never really expected this to happen, especially so quickly,” the tennis star told Global News on Wednesday.

“They’ve dedicated a lot for me to be where I am.”

Bianca credits her parents for her success and said her mom is who she wants to be when she grows up.

Maria, a courtside viral sensation, is a chief compliance officer at a Toronto-area financial company.

“What they have accomplished. They have amazing careers. There are just motivated,” Bianca said.

The apple clearly doesn’t fall far from the tree. At 19, Bianca is a household name, not only because she is the first Canada to win a grand slam title, but also due to her drive and grace under pressure.

In a press conference Wednesday, Bianca quoted former number one world tennis player Billy Jean King, saying “Pressure is a privilege” and credited her for what she’s done for women in the sport.

“There is always room for improvement, obviously, but I think right now, women’s tennis has skyrocketed. Hopefully I can be part of that journey and continue Billy’s legacy,” she said.

Bianca said her phone has been inundated with messages since her historic U.S. Open title win on Saturday, but there is one athlete whose name she saw in her Instagram inbox that left her starstruck.

It wasn’t Drake.

“LeBron James reached out to me. That surprised me a lot. That’s crazy!” Bianca said.

Her Canadian media tour coincides with the kick off to the Canadian election — the first where she is eligible to cast a ballot.

“I would definitely love to vote,” she said. “Go vote, every vote counts.”

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