Black Friday excitement builds in Regina

Black Friday is just days away and stores across North America are prepping for big crowds to take part in big sales.

The day has been gaining popularity in Canada over the past decade and with employees from Canada Post on strike foot traffic is expected to be amplified.


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Busy Black Friday in Regina

“It’s difficult to prepare. It takes a lot time and a lot of people to get ready for how many people will come through the door in the next four days,” Visions Electronic’s general manager Darcy Porter said.

“[We’re expecting] thousands, it’s just a crazy day, it’s so busy here.”

While Friday may be the busiest day, sales are being extended every year, sometimes starting a week or more before.

“We are going to see slightly lower prices as the discount gets stretched out, but it won’t be as deep because they’re going to last a little longer, but you won’t have to fist fight for the deal,” University of Regina associate professor of Economics Jason Childs said.

Childs said it’s important to stay grounded on Black Friday and remember that you’re no worse off if you’re not first in the door.

“You get this idea that if I don’t go out and line up for this product, I’m going to miss out,” Childs said. “People react very strongly to that fear of missing out.”

“You don’t lose anything by not buying.”

Many stores plan to extend their hours for Black Friday, and the sale will usually last into Saturday, followed by Cyber Monday.

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