Bloc Québécois to rebuild and may even look for a new name

The Bloc Québécois plans to rebuild, and except for sovereignty, everything — even its name — will be on the table.

The party today announced it will be consulting members in an effort to renew itself after a crisis nearly tore it apart.

The name of the sovereigntist party, its image, its platform and its statutes will all be up for discussion.

The Bloc was divided into two factions in February when seven of its 10 MPs quit, unhappy with the leadership of Martine Ouellet. After Ouellet resigned in June, the seven returned to the fold.

Interim leader Mario Beaulieu and Yves Perron, the party’s president, announced the vast consultation of 15,000 party members at a Montreal news conference.

Young party members had suggested the idea of a party rebuild several months ago as a way of pulling the Bloc out of its tailspin.

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