Boy, 17, charged with murder 'after shooting two dead at Kenosha BLM protests'

A 17 year-old boy has been charged with two counts of murder over claims he shot two people dead at Black Lives Matter protests in Kenosha. Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with both killings on Wednesday hours after he allegedly killed two people with an AR-15 in the riot-hit Wisconsin City.

Rittenhouse, from Antioch in Illinois, is said to have fled the scene afterwards. Disturbing footage shared online that is said to depict the murders shows a figure running into a parking lot with a long rifle. Moments later, he narrowly misses being hit by a petrol bomb, with six shots ringing out as the gunman moves out of shot behind a car.

A woman stood next to the person filming from across the street can be heard screaming and saying ‘He got a gun.’ Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department is due to hold a press conference later this afternoon to share further details of the arrest and allegations against Rittenhouse. Footage also showed an unidentified man running away in the wake of the shooting, saying: ‘I’ve just killed someone,’ as a crowd gives chase.

Chilling footage shared online by anti-gun campaigner Shannon Watts is believed to show Rittenhouse approach a crowd while still toting his rifle and asking: ‘Does anyone do medical?’ A separate interview with a baby-faced gunman also said to be Rittenhouse sees him declare: ‘We’re protecting from the citizens and I just got pepper-sprayed by a person in the crowd.’

Asked about the weapon he was toting, the boy then says: ‘We don’t have non-lethal.’

It is unclear whether the figure in that video was Rittenhouse. The victims of Tuesday night’s double murder have not yet been formally identified.

Kenosha has been hit by protests and rioting after Jacob Blake, 29, was shot in the back in front of his three sons while tussling with police on Sunday evening. Blake remains critically-ill in hospital, with doctors saying he has been left paralyzed from the waist down.

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