Brazil's Bolsonaro enacts law to make academic year more flexible amid Covid-19 pandemic

BRASILIA (XINHUA) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday (Aug 19) enacted a law to exempt schools from having to meet a minimum number of school days amid the Covid-19 pandemic, making this academic year more flexible.

The new law exempts primary and secondary schools from having to fulfil the mandatory 200-day school calendar and minimum 800 hours of study, both of which are required by the education law.

Primary and secondary schools will, however, have to comply with the workload required by law, which is already being partially carried out through online classes.

Nevertheless, workloads may be completed next year at the discretion of each school through online educational activities.

Primary and secondary schools, as well as universities in Brazil have suspended in-person classes starting in March, replacing them with online classes, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brazil’s northwestern state of Amazonas this week partially resumed in-person classes, becoming the only state to do so thus far.

Institutions of higher learning are also exempt from the mandatory 200 days of classes, but must fulfil the study program for each course.

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