Calgary downtown, Kensington and the suburbs hotspots for parking tickets: city data

Nobody likes getting a parking ticket.

But did you ever wonder where in the city the most parking tickets are issued? We thought the same thing, so Global News asked the Calgary Parking Authority (CPA) to provide us with some data on where it issues tickets.

We asked the CPA for data from a specific period in time: January to June of this year. For comparison’s sake, we also asked for the data for the same period in 2017.


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The authority responded with an Excel file with some 100 lines of streets. For the simplicity’s sake, we have included the top 10 streets in this article.

The CPA said in an email that the ticket data is for a variety of parking offences for on-street parking only and it would rather people park legally than issue the tickets.

“[Our] enforcement conducts regular, pre-scheduled patrols and responds to requests for assistance from citizens, with infractions related to public safety being our highest priority,” the CPA said.  “Our goal is to encourage compliance with parking regulations. We would much rather see people park legally than issue tickets.”

Let’s start by looking at the source of most of the infractions in 2017. An area near South Health Campus and the YMCA down in Seton was the biggest problem spot with a whopping 1,262 parking tickets issued from January to June of 2017. That was followed by a long list of ticketed locations in the downtown core.

This year, the offence list appeared a little more sporadic, with neighbourhoods like Kensington cracking the top four.

Last fall the parking authority started a transition to bring camera-equipped vehicles to residential communities.

The authority electronically tickets vehicles without neighbourhood parking permits, sending them by mail. That happens as part of routine patrols rather than being driven by complaints from those who live in the area.

How do you feel about the way the city tickets parking offenders? Let us know in the comment section below.





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