Canada election: Live coverage of campaign events

The 2019 federal election is underway and all parties have launched campaigns in their drive to be the next government of Canada.

Parliament was dissolved on Sept. 11, which gave the Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP, the Greens, and the Bloc Quebecois 40 days to try to convince voters they are the right choice.

For full coverage of the election — head to Global News’ Decision Canada 2019.

Live events will be added as the day goes on and are subject to change. Please refresh the page for the latest coverage.

Here’s a list of events happening Thursday, Sept. 12.

X:XX a.m.: [EXAMPLE] Liberal photo op with Justin Trudeau in Ottawa. 

Y:YY a.m.: [EXAMPLE] Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer makes a campaign speech in Vancouver. 

Z:ZZ p.m.: [EXAMPLE] Green party leader Elizabeth May will be opening her official electoral headquarters in Vancouver. 

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