Cessna plane crashes into US home, igniting fire

NEW YORK (NYTIMES) – A small plane crashed into a house in a suburban New Jersey town and burst into flames on Tuesday morning (Oct 29), federal officials said.

The plane, a Cessna 414, crashed into the home in Colonia around 11am, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Two homes erupted in flames, according to the Colonia Fire Department.

A local official said that no one on the ground near the crash, on Berkley Avenue, was injured, and that only a pilot had been aboard the plane.

Mayor John McCormac of Woodbridge Township, which includes Colonia, said the plane had come from Virginia and had been heading to Linden, New Jersey.

“We don’t believe any civilians on the ground were impacted by the crash,” McCormac told NBC News.

Officials at Linden Airport, a small municipal airport about 8km from Colonia, said they had no additional information about the plane or the crash. Colonia is about 40km south of midtown Manhattan.

The Cessna went down in a quiet residential neighbourhood, not far from an elementary school. Hours later, neighbours were still standing on front lawns and under tents that were set up by emergency workers. The second floor of one of the homes appeared to have been fully consumed by fire.

“The house is half-missing, and it’s all black,” said David Kaca, 19, who returned home from class at Seton Hall University to find the neighbourhood filled with smoke.

The FAA said investigators were headed to Colonia to try to determine what had caused the accident.

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