Christmas basket fraudsters target Greenfield Park residents

Fraudsters are calling residents in Greenfield Park, in Montreal’s south shore to ask for money for the annual Christmas baskets.

Robert Myles, Greenfield Park borough president, says the scammers are calling residents, then going to their homes to pick up donations — something the group collecting funds does not do.

Myles notes one of the callers uses the pseudonym “Jean Potvin.”

“It’s terrible,” he said, adding that people involved in the collection have special permits from the city of Longueuil.

A photo of Greenfield Park\’s Christmas baskets in 2017.

Myles  points out door-to-door collection for the baskets takes place on just one day; this year, it’s Nov. 25.

The campaign usually raises between $4,000 and $6,000.

Longueuil police say they are looking into the situation, but have no leads so far.

They are asking people who are contacted by individuals over the phone to take down the phone number and call police.


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