City is acquiring properties to make room for the third crossing

The city of Kingston is in the process of acquiring or expropriating properties to make room for the third crossing bridge.

About eight properties are involved in the process. Most of the property owners have negotiated settlements with the city and given up their land.

A few properties are still occupied. One of them, the Kingston Awning and Canvas store, rents from the city and will vacate its space on Dec. 21.

Another property, 917/919 Montreal St., is occupied by residents and small stores. Owner Paul Martin says the city doesn’t want the residents and store owners to evacuate from his land, but it does want a portion of it.

The city plans to acquire the land to accommodate a future sidewalk to the bridge.

The city confirmed to Global News that it wants four metres of Martin’s property. It said it has so far expropriated two properties and will likely be expropriating Martin’s.

But Martin says losing a four-metre strip of land will dramatically disrupt businesses, tenants and parking on the property he owns.

So far, the city has negotiated deals with five property owners in the way of the bridge. It has expropriated land from two others.

A portion of Martin’s property is most likely going to be expropriated, too.

Construction of the third crossing bridge is expected to begin next summer.

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