City of Edmonton employees hold candlelight vigil highlighting the problem of harassment and discrimination in the workplace

Employees with the City of Edmonton are hoping a candlelight vigil in Churchill Square Saturday evening will continue a conversation about harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

It’s an issue that was first raised nearly one year ago following the results of a 2016 employee survey.

Those results showed one in five employees in the public service reported systematic harassment and discrimination.

Organizers of the vigil say the intent is to continue holding leadership at the city accountable for “the significant problems that continue to persist and fester, and to support staff who serve the public under these conditions.”

They hope the vigil will provide a safe and open place for employees to discuss what they’ve been experiencing and how to move forward.

The vigil will take place Saturday, November 17, at 5 p.m. at Churchill Square and will include a few speeches along with a moment of silence.

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