City of Regina suspending pilot project that traps and euthanizes rabbits

The City of Regina is no longer trapping and euthanizing rabbits to control the increasing numbers in Harbour Landing — for now.

Despite the recent backlash on social media, the city says it’s being suspended because the traps are being tampered with.

The city says it’s looking for other solutions, but in the meantime, it will turn to other deterrents such as tree wraps to prevent further damage.

“Trees and bushes are being mutilated and hurt in that regard, but I think we should be looking at provincial officials telling us, ‘this is how you handle the problem,’” said Regina mayor Michael Fougere.

“We are not in the capacity, and I would rather do that than euthanize. It’s not the way to go.”

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When asked if it was ever brought to city council, Fougere said no.

“We let our officials do the work and this is how they handled it. Now we are saying, ‘hold on now, let’s be careful here, let’s review this and make sure we are doing the right thing,’” Fougere said.

Fougere says he does feel bad for people living in Harbour Landing, where they’re being overtaken by rabbits, but says the city has “the obligation to make sure we treat those animals fairly and safely.”

Last year, the city began its pilot program, catching 27 rabbits. It released 10 and euthanized the other 17.

This year, Russell Eirich, manager of forestry, pest control and horticulture with the City of Regina, said most of the rabbits trapped by the city would be euthanized.

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