Coronavirus Briefing: What Happened Today

Two drug companies released comprehensive road maps of how they are evaluating their vaccines.

By Jonathan Wolfe

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Fewer people filed for unemployment insurance in the U.S., but layoffs continue to come at an extraordinarily high level by historical standards.

The World Health Organization on Thursday warned of a “very serious” resurgence of the coronavirus across Europe.

New York City will again delay the start of in-person classes for most students.

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Two vaccine makers reveal their secret blueprints

Drug companies making vaccines have been under increasing pressure from independent scientists and public health experts to be more transparent about how they are running their clinical trials.

But none of the nine companies that are testing vaccines in late-stage clinical trials had released detailed blueprints — until today.

Moderna became the first to release detailed protocols for its vaccine trials, and hours later Pfizer followed suit. The disclosures are aimed at addressing growing suspicion among Americans that President Trump’s drive to produce a vaccine before the election on Nov. 3 could result in a product that was unsafe.

Moderna and Prizer revealed how trial participants were selected and monitored, what kinds of problems would prompt the trials to be stopped early, and the evidence researchers would use to determine whether people who got the vaccine were protected from the coronavirus.

AstraZeneca, another leader in the race for a vaccine, did not respond to inquiries about whether it would now disclose its study protocol.

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