Coronavirus: Doctor criticises ‘distressing’ lack of face masks at Trump event

An infectious diseases expert has described the lack of face masks at an event attended by President Donald Trump as “depressing, distressing and dumb”.

Dr William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, Tennessee, was asked to comment on video footage of the Texas event by CNN.

The clip showed Mr Trump and some of his supporters without masks and ignoring social distancing measures during his address at the Double Energy oil rig in Midland on Wednesday.

Dr Schaffner said the clip was “the three d’s – depressing, distressing, and as we say in our family, d-u-m, dumb. That’s just inappropriate”.

He continued: “It shows exactly the opposite of what all those people ought to be modelling.

“We should be wearing masks, all of us all the time. We’re not going to get this virus under control until we all do that. And I mean all of us – from the top to the bottom, from Maine to southern California, all across the country. We really have to do that.”

CNN’s Erin Burnett agreed, replying: ″It doesn’t make sense. A lot of those people are pretty bright people. I just don’t understand it. It is nonsensical.”

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