Couple feel 'violated' after 5G box is erected in their front garden

A couple have said they feel ‘violated’ after a 5G network box was installed right outside their home.

Adeline Wijnands Pang and Dirk Wijnands, from Houston, Texas, reacted furiously after network provider, Verizon, placed the ‘fridge-like’ box at the front of their property ‘without warning’.

They say they don’t like how it looks and are worried about how it might effect the value of their home.

Pang said: ‘I like this area, it’s walkable and it’s got young, hip people around here.

‘We loved the home because it’s nice, and spacious, as well as the view outside the front window.

‘It’s like having a refrigerator in your front lawn. It’s a big wide box, It doesn’t fit in the scenery.

‘I just feel a little violated. Like, whoa, how did you do this.’

The installation on the cell signal booster comes after four years ago, Texas lawmakers passed legislation making it easier for companies to place boxes on rights-of-way.

Verizon added that it plans to expand its networks and said more boxes will be coming to the area.

In a statement, Verizon said: ‘Please know we take all complaints very seriously. Each case is assessed on an individual basis, with many factors going into that assessment.

‘In limited instances, we have determined that there is sufficient reason to move it, and have done so.’

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