Covid-denier 'humbled' after virus gave daughter, 7, bulging eyes, swollen heart

A father who dismissed Covid as ‘just the flu’ says he has been ‘humbled’ after a severe infection made his daughter’s eyes bulge and left her screaming with pain. Andrew Maurer’s attitude to coronavirus completely changed after his seven year-old daughter Grace fell seriously-ill in November.

She was diagnosed with a Covid-associated condition called Multisystem inflammatory Syndrome in Children MIS-C, which doctors say has also left Grace with a swollen heart.

Andrew, from Herriman in Utah, explained: ‘I used to be on the whole page of masks don’t do anything, this is just the flu. Kids don’t get sick from Covid. And I gotta tell ya — I’ve been completely humbled.’

Grace’s initial symptoms included a severe fever, and labored breathing. Andrew and his wife Caitlin brought their daughter to their local urgent care center, where staff diagnosed a possible kidney infection. But her condition continued to worsen.

Caitlin said: ‘She was so completely out of it. If you would barely touch her, she would scream in pain. And then her eyes starting bulging. That’s when I knew hey — we need to go.’

Grace was rushed to her local emergency room, and quickly admitted to its adjoining intensive care unit. She tested negative for Covid. But doctors said the youngster had almost certainly suffered an earlier, asymptomatic, infection, that had subsequently triggered MIS-C.

The newly-discovered condition, which only affects young people, causes severe inflammation of sufferer’s vital organs, and can be deadly. It has been likened to an existing inflammatory condition called Kawasaki Syndrome.

Grace caught meningitis while in hospital, further extending her stay there, ABC4 reported.

She now appears to be over the worst of her symptoms, and has gone back to school.

But doctors remain very concerned about damage to Grace’s heart, and have warned the youngster’s parents not to let her undertake any strenuous physical activity.

Andrew said: ‘The scary part is, we still don’t know how it’s going to affect her.

‘I don’t know what we would’ve done if she didn’t make it.’

The US is set to hit 20million recorded Covid infections on Friday, with close to 346,000 killed by the virus.

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