Divided States podcast: Toxic air and dirty water – Erin Brockovich on solving America’s climate crisis

In a corner of southwest Detroit, there’s a community that’s spent years grappling with the air it’s breathing in.

The 48217 district has become known as Michigan’s “most polluted zip code”. There are more than two dozen pollutant-producing facilities owned by multiple companies scattered in and around the area, and residents say it’s severely harming their health.

The story of the 48217 district bears the hallmarks of many poor communities of colour in the US. Joe Biden has touted an extremely ambitious plan to help tackle climate change and environmental pollution. His challenge, though, will be balancing his big green ideas with big job generation.

US Correspondent speaks to renowned environmental activist Erin Brockovich about the situation in Detroit, and how the climate crisis at large should be tackled.

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