Donald Trump hints he'll try to snatch presidency from Joe Biden at confirmation

Donald Trump has hinted he will try to snatch the presidency back from Joe Biden at his successor’s official confirmation hearing.

The president issued a cryptic tweet on Wednesday about his plans for January 6 – the day Joe Biden will be officially certified as the next president by the US Congress. The President of the United States tweeted Wednesday: ‘JANUARY SIXTH, SEE YOU IN DC!’

The president offered no further detail, but several of his Republican allies have announced plans to object to the certification ceremony in Congress.

The Electoral College – whose members cast votes for winners of the popular vote in their respective states – has already named Biden its winner. Next week’s event will see Congress formally count those votes, in what has previously been a ceremonial event.

Votes from each state will be carried into the Washington DC chamber in ornate boxes, and checked. Vice President Mike Pence – acting as president of the US Senate – will then declare the winner.

Pence is one of Trump’s most loyal aides, but has distanced himself from the president’s claims of electoral fraud.

He has also snubbed an attempt by pro-Trump Texas Representative Louie Gohmert to disrupt the Congressional count.

Gohmert is now suing to try and grant Pence the power to choose pro-Trump electors in a bid to overturn Biden’s comfortable electoral college win.

Trump allies could also disrupt proceedings if one representative and one senator objects to the results. That would trigger a two hour debate, culminating in a vote.

Several members of the House of Representatives have indicated plans to object, although only one senator – Tommy Tuberville – has suggested making a possible objection.

Trump has yet to offer firm evidence to back-up his claims, and has failed in all attempts to overturn the result of the November 3 election.

Biden will be inaugurated as president on January 20.

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