Donald Trump's ex-fixer says president will end up in prison over taxes

Donald Trump’s disgraced ex-lawyer predicted that the president will face time behind bars over his taxes.

Michael Cohen, the president’s former attorney, said on Tuesday that Trump will be ‘the first sitting president to go from the White House straight to prison.’

Cohen added that Trump’s ‘biggest fear’ was that his tax returns would be released to the public, two days after The New York Times shared details of the documents Trump has long fought to keep hidden.

The disgraced lawyer was known as Trump’s ‘personal fixer,’ and said that the New York Times report is just the tip of the iceberg.

‘Everything I have stated about Donald Trump has been proven 100% true,’ Cohen said.

In Cohen’s book ‘Disloyal: A Memoir,’ he wrote about the president’s tax returns and told a story about how Trump received a $10 million tax refund from the Internal Revenue Service.

‘I remember sitting in Trump’s office on the 26th floor when a tax refund check for $10 million from the government arrived,’ Cohen wrote. ‘He held the check up for me to see, flabbergasted but also delighted.’

Cohen also said that Trump continued to berate the IRS with a profanity-laden rant about how they are ‘stupid.’

‘Can you believe how fucking stupid the IRS is?’ Trump said in Cohen’s book. ‘Who would give me a refund of ten fucking million dollars? They are so stupid!’

Donald Trump only paid $750 dollars in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2016, according to the new report.

There are numerous bombshells that the report uncovers, $70,000 tax deductions on Trump’s hair and having nearly half-a-billion dollars of debt to his name.

Cohen was been on house arrest and served time in prison after pleading guilty for tax evasion and campaign finance violations while working for Trump.

He blames Trump for his fall from grace and has been vocal about cautioning against Trump’s alleged corruption. Trump has in turn branded Cohen a convicted liar who cannot be trusted about anything.

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