Doug Ford government takes credit for Ontario adding 41,400 jobs in January

Statistic’s Canada Labour Force Survey for January shows Ontario led overall employment increases across the country.

According to the survey, the province added 41,400 jobs last month as a result of an increase in full-time work. The survey added, however, more people looked for work in the province, pushing the unemployment rate up to 5.7 per cent.

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Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade Todd Smith said the report is evidence that “our government is putting Ontario back on track.”

Smith also said the Ontario government is moving the province toward an “open for business” mentality, a slogan used numerous times during Premier Doug Ford’s election campaign and administration.

“We are working hard to make Ontario the best place for businesses to thrive, grow and create good jobs. We are committed to working with job creators to ensure that we have a competitive business landscape that protects workers and creates jobs,” Smith said.

The NDP point to findings in the survey that show youth unemployment is up in Ontario. NDP Employment critic Catherine Fife says “young people in Ontario deserve opportunities to find the stable jobs and meaningful careers that will launch them into a successful adulthood, and enable affordable lives.” Fife also raised concerns about affordability in the province for young people. “Doug Ford is making things worse for young people, going after low and middle-income post-secondary students by cutting grants and making it tougher to access loan support.”

Last month the government announced they were cancelling a six-month interest-free grace period for post-secondary students after graduating. Fife says “Ford is forcing young people to take on even more crippling debt loads.”

While Ontario and five other provinces, including Quebec, added jobs, other provinces saw employment decline in January, including Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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