Dr Pimple Popper bursts six-year-old lump of fat from Bachelorette star’s head

The runner-up on American TV show the Bachelorette has had a huge lump of fat squeezed out of his head.

Peter Weber enlisted the help of celebrity pimple popper Dr Sandra Lee to help him get rid of the six-year-old mass lurking amongst his hair.

Dr Lee can be seen in the footage cutting open 28-year-old Peter's head, searching around to get all of the lipoma out.

As she gets to work she asks: "Are you sure I'm not hurting at all?"

Peter, who is a commercial pilot for Delta airline in the USA, fails to respond to her question.

Although he does later ask: "My brains aren't going to come out right?"

It is not the first time Dr Lee has worked on someone's head to get rid of deeply buried problem.

Back in February, she got to grips with a bride-to-be's "Rhino Horn" which had been causing her pain.

Lisa, 43, was forced to put her wedding plans on hold after feeling "gross" about the bizarre growth.

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