FBI arrests four cops charged in black paramedic Breonna Taylor’s death

Four current and former police officers have been arrested by the FBI and charged in the shooting death of a black paramedic in 2020.

Attorney General Merrick Garland announced federal charges against the Louisville Metro police officers on Thursday morning. They were charged with civil rights offenses, unlawful conspiracies, unconstitutional use of force and obstruction offenses.

Breonna Taylor was shot by police who were executing a search warrant.

Joshua Jaynes was immediately taken into custody by the FBI.

Jaynes, along with two officers involved in the search warrant process, Kelly Hanna Goodlett and Kyle Meaney, face charges for filing a false affidavit.

‘We allege that the defendants knew their actions and created a dangerous situation,’ Garland stated. ‘And we allege that these unlawful acts resulted in Ms Taylor’s death.’

Garland also claimed that Jaynes and Goodlett ‘took steps to cover up’ their actions after Taylor’s death by filing a ‘falsified investigative document’.

According to Garland, Jaynes and Goodlett planned their coverup at a meeting in a garage.

Meaney was charged with lying to the FBI during the federal investigation.

In a separate indictment, former detective Brett Hankison was also charged with two civil rights offenses.

Hankison previously faced charges for firing his weapon into Taylor’s neighbor’s apartments. He was acquitted on all charges in March 2022.

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