Halloween trends: How is Peterborough dressing up for 2018?

It is the most wonderful time of the year, at least according to Elaine Barber, the manager of Value Village in Peterborough.

“This is our busy season,” Barber said. “The mall and everywhere else has Christmas, we have Halloween.”

Barber said popular culture plays a huge role in determining costume trends.

“Video games are huge,” she said. “As always, cosplay is a big one. Fortnite is huge this year. Every little boy or girl wants to be Fortnite.”

She said DIY costumes are also popular and people often combine older pieces with new elements to create a custom look. Barber said ironic costumes or clever ideas are big this year.

“One employee wore a card costume and had a bee with her and was the celebrity, Cardi B,” Barber said.

When it comes to costumes for kids, Barber suggested considering safety and comfort.

“Make sure the costume is large enough to wear a coat underneath, glow sticks or reflective clothing so you can be seen by people and traffic, and if you have a costume that has a mask, cut the eye holes bigger so you can see better.”

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