Harris escorted Pence to his motorcade, a symbol of a peaceful transfer of power.

Vice President Kamala Harris escorted her predecessor, Mike Pence, to a motorcade that effectively ushered him back to civilian life after she was sworn into office on Wednesday.

The exchange offered a symbolic representation of the peaceful transfer of power in the absence of former President Donald J. Trump, who left Washington before President Biden was inaugurated.

Mr. Pence called Ms. Harris last week to congratulate her and offer belated assistance to her transition. It was the first time the two had spoken since the vice-presidential debate during the campaign last fall.

Mr. Pence was the most senior member of Mr. Trump’s administration to attend Mr. Biden’s inauguration, a decision that split with the former president. Mr. Biden had said that he was happy not to have Mr. Trump in attendance, but that Mr. Pence was “welcome” and that it would help with the transition.

The former vice president was expected to return to Indiana, his home state.

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