Horrified woman wakes up after liposuction to find doctor has given her new nose

It sounds like something straight out of a nightmare.

You go in to hospital to have one simple procedure and wake up to find that the doctor has done something very different to you – without your permission.

This was the appalling situation one woman claims to have found herself in after going to get liposuction but waking up to find she had a new nose.

The woman, named Mariela revealed her story on an episode of the E! reality series Botched and honestly it’s absolutely shocking.

Mariela, now 41, says she planned to have a "little liposuction" on her stomach during a family trip to Peru.

At the time she was just 19 years old and had grown up being bullied for being "chubby".

But while she’d had issues with her weight, she’d never had a problem with the way her nose looked, though it seems her doctor didn’t share her fondness for the feature.

And after undergoing the liposuction, she awoke to find he’d also given her a nose job as a "favour".

Speaking on Botched, Mariela said: "I met with the doctor the day after I arrived and it was a very famous doctor. He was like the Beverly Hills doctor of Peru.

"When I talked to him and explained what I wanted, he said it was really easy and he could do it the next day.

"When I woke up, I had a cast over my nose. Right after the surgery and he said ‘I did it as a favour’. I was p*****."

Mariela says she was "horrified" by what she saw when the bandages eventually came off her face and claims her nasal passages were severely damaged as a result of the procedure.

"It was the nose I was born with and I liked it," she explained. "I didn’t know how bad the damage was because I still had the cast on."

She added: "When the bandages came off, what I saw horrified me."

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