How do you vote in the recall? Here’s what you need to know.

More than 35 percent of California’s active, registered voters have already cast their ballots, and early voting is underway in several counties. If you missed the deadline to register to vote in the recall election, don’t worry. You can still register on Sept. 14.

Our Voter Guide has everything you need to know about where to vote, how to turn in your ballot and when we can expect to know the results.

Where is my ballot?

All registered and active California voters should have received a ballot by mail in the past few weeks. You can mail that ballot back or return it to a secure drop box by 8 p.m. You can track when your vote-by-mail ballot was mailed, received and counted at

Where can I vote in person?

Voters can cast ballots in person (you can find early voting locations here.) until 8 p.m. Pacific when polls close.

You can check whether you’re registered to vote here. Visit the Secretary of State’s website to learn more about same day voter registration.

When will we know the results?

So when will we know the results? After Election Day, county election officials have to complete their work receiving and counting ballots, although we may have some idea of the vote by then, since nearly eight million ballots have already been returned and many more are expected to come in as we get closer. Counties can process early ballots and get them ready to count, but they cannot start tallying until the polls close.

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