Joe Biden doubles Pennsylvania election lead over Donald Trump

Joe Biden has almost doubled his lead over Donald Trump in the ongoing Pennsylvania election count. The Democrat challenger is now leading Trump by 9,027 votes, according to CNN anchor Jim Sciutto.

Biden had a 5,000 vote lead over Pennsylvania at 9am. That saw one official forecaster – Decision Desk HQ – call the race for Biden, and name him President-elect of the United States.

Election officials say Biden has 3,301,176 votes to Trump’s 3,292,149 votes, with fewer than 100,000 uncounted – around 5% of the total remaining. Officials say they hope to announce a definitive result later on Friday.

Trump had been leading in the vital swing state until Thursday morning, with mail-in votes pushing Biden into the lead. Those were credited to ballots cast in the Democrat-leading cities of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

The former vice president has also doubled his lead in Nevada overnight, from 11,000 to 22,000 votes, with 9% of votes left to count, and a more definitive result expected over the weekend.

Biden – who was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania – would bag 20 electoral college votes if he wins his home state. That would see him win the election and be declared President-elect of the United States by all current forecasts.

AP and Fox News have Biden on 264 electoral college votes, to Trump’s 214, with 270 to win. Other forecasters including The New York Times and CNN have not yet called Arizona for Biden, instead putting him on 253 electoral college votes.

Biden continues to lead Trump in the Grand Canyon state, although the gap between the two candidates has narrowed. The Democrats’ campaign there was given a boost Friday morning when it was announced their candidate for senator Mark Kelly had beaten Republican Trump ally Martha McSally in that race.

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