Kingston Humane Society will offer contactless adoption

In March, the Kingston Humane Society had to suspend all adoptions in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Now, the organization is set to start offering contactless adoption to suitable owners in the community, starting May 6.

Gord Hunter, the executive director of the Kingston Humane Society, says they are slowly opening their doors again to help their animals find a home.

“Having that animal, an extra heart beat in the house, I think that makes a big difference.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 75 animals from this location were placed into foster homes within 48 hours, says Hunter.

But with the help of over $30,000 in recent donations, the organization was able to remain viable when the pandemic forced its doors closed.

“When we put out a call and said we need to shut down our events… the response was amazing,”

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The organization is typically able to raise funds through events, which pays to keep their animals fed and healthy; however, all recent events have had to be cancelled.

“We had events that would’ve raised in excess of $40,000, and by the end of May, $60,000 in event-based fundraising — that’s key for us.”

Even though operations won’t return to normal just yet, they will be offering contactless adoption once all animals are brought back into the building.

During a time when many people are stuck in isolation, having the option to bring a new life into a home safely could be beneficial.

“People are really noticing that after they’ve been forced to be alone and be isolated that having an animal around is great therapy.”

For those who are interested in adopting, they can visit their website to see the animals available for adoption. The organization will then set up a virtual meet and greet with potential owners to see if they are a good match.

Once the adoption process is complete, staff from the building will place the pet in the vestibule they have set up at the front door of the building, where the new owner can then take them home.

Until the pandemic is over, staff at the organization are asking that adopters wear a mask and gloves when they come to visit.

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